My name is Egemen Kizilcan, a designer - software developer hybrid based in London.

I'm using this website as a chronicle so, you'll find my thoughts and comments about my interests here. I'm mainly interested in eating, drinking, travelling, design, artpiano playing, automobiles, Lego, computational design, artificial neural networks & deep learning and so on [the usual geek]...

Here are lines for some of the things I do:

  • I've founded a creative agency Ultra Mega Omega [umΩ in short] based in London & Ankara where we do branding and digital projects with a multidisciplinary team.
  • I'm almost done with my Ph.D. dissertation at METU Department of Architecture, in which I provide ways to leverage creativity in design processes when incorporating deep learning and generative neural networks.
  • We have lots of open-source software that we've developed and maintain at umΩ like the Nuclear CMS which this website is built with and it's sub components.
  • I've recently started publishing some of my generative neural network works as NFT's, check them out on OpenSea.

You probably can find me anywhere on the internetz with the handle @hyleeh but here are the links for Instagram [where I post what I see to obsess over likes and views], Twitter [where I try to be cool & witty but end up being awkward] and LinkedIn [where I present my "very professional" resumé].