27 December 2022 + London,Dear Diary

It's Been a While

It's been a while since I wrote here - life and work took over the precedence.

Must admit there's an exclusive (ooooohhhh 😏) mode of this blog for some of my readers who can see my other ramblings (they make the shit-fun out of me).

These days I've been struggling with many things: Had a nice touch of pneumonia thanks to catching COVID for the 5th time (took some 3 weeks to get well), sadly my grandmother passed away (it was expected  - relieved that she's not suffering anymore) and I've been facing self-doubt with every single line of writing my PhD dissertation. Life as difficult as it gets but I'm mostly motivated and will not in the slightest sense to give in to depression.

Primarily because there is no reason to do that and there's so much else to do! I have the privilege to live in - probably - the cultural capital city of the world. The rain and the wind is unforgiving in London (burns and peels your skin), as many other things but I think this is the best place to self-actualise: I'm learning so much about other people and myself. I love it here and I've been able to see the best sights of this city. There's so much beauty in this city as much as there's the grit.

Soon, I'll be able to call myself a PhD; there's new work incoming which I'm excited about because I'll be able to grow my team; I've made really dear friends this year and very happy to be able to share everything that is happening with them over a couple of pints (or five!) and then some Ginger Mojitos.

Signing off from the St. Paul's Road, Islington, London (where Douglas Adams lived)

p.s. It still is cringey to write blog posts...