4 September 2022 + London,Life

The Great Reset

It's been a year already since I moved to London - so it is now a good opportunity to reflect on the past year and be hopeful for the next ones to follow.

Beginning with this entry, this blog will serve me as a chronicle where I take notes of my ideas and memories. I'm cringing about having a blog a little but I'm hopeful that I'll keep this going for a while and hope it evolves with me. Usually these kinds of things happen to disappear within the mess that is life as other responsibilities quickly take over the time that you would like to spend on it. Let's see if this is going to be another blog that is dead only after 5 entries.

This is a self reminder: The main purpose of this blog for me is to encourage myself keep being inspired, keep being creative, to focus more on the moment, to become more expressive. What I wish to do is to experiment, to keep making new thing, to enjoy and/or ridicule life: I must remember, almost everything that I have to live is still ahead and I have so much to be excited for.

As to reflect on the past year, I must admit that it has been an immense struggle. As the reader might anticipate, moving to one of the most unforgiving and expensive cities in the world is challenging in many factors and it might easily break someone (I think I'll try to keep my entries short and will mention these factors in other entries instead). My motivation for this move was repeating professional and personal life issues that have put me up to the point that I wasn't able to imagine any fulfilling future back in Ankara so I needed a "Great Reset". The move itself was actually the most spontaneous thing that I've ever done and was certainly a last moment move - a final leap.

But today, I can gladly say it was worth it even though the struggle continues to grow. I now have discovered the strength in me being able to cope with this. I am now able to start imagining new futures for my self, to feel hopeful and in equilibrium with myself. London is quite messy, pretty difficult, extremely expensive, mostly lonely but it's a nice place to be.

So to sign out, here are two images, one from the quarantine hotel when I came here and another from last week from when I was in the Field Day 2022 in Victoria Park.